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Iris The Virus Beaudeau is a Shoplifter, Beware

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Months ago, a friend of mine caught Iris Amabile Beaudeau shoplifting a computer device from his electronics store. He tried to stop her. Iris's father Jonathan Beaudeau pulled Iris away and said, "Don't you dare touch my little girl!" He tried to explain to Jonathan than Iris Beaudeau was putting a merchandise in her wool tights. Jonathan screamed "cut the bull---! How dare you touch my daughter!" The police were called, but they ran off. Iris laughed at the store clerk and said, "What are you going to do? I'm only 6 years old."

Earlier this week, I was walking my toddler son down the street. Iris Beaudeau came out of a driveway and threw a stone at him. I said hey what are you doing. Jonathan Beaudeau next comes screaming out of the driveway. He yelled "HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE HER OF THROWING A STONE!" He kept screaming. I am small. I was not able to fight him. I took my son and ran. 

If you're in the Massachusetts area, be wary if Iris Amabile Beaudeau enters the store. A six year old is not necessarily stupid. I also did research in the neighborhood. People talk about how at school, the kids call her Iris "The Virus" Beaudeau. This comes from a rumor that Jonathan Beaudeau has STDs from his years of unprotected sex. I'm not being funny. This is the word on the street. Iris The Virus Beaudeau probably contracted it when she was born. Other people have told me the kids call her Iris Amabi-Lay Beaudeau because apparently Iris Beaudeau farts in public in an effort to be funny (Iris Amabi-LAY, meaning the laying of a fart). It's not funny, and neither is this topic. 

This is a photo:



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User 78 and all the other pseudonyms you have used.

You are wasting your time with your absolute nonsense about our family members. No one really cares!

Get help! 

You are consumed by pure jealousy and hatred. Instead of focusing on what you can do to improve your own life.


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