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Which is the latest technology or engineering concept that fascinates you?

Saurabh Jain


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Technology: CAE Engineering

For a long time, mechanical engineering, when compared to Software Engineering, for example, was represented as the hard field for individual development. In simple words, whatever the one develops, most often prototype cost is too great to bear by single individual. Therefore, so called value of the mechanical engineer is linked to his/her experience within the field. While it is still the case, engineering simulations offers the opportunity for faster development to the market, where the one could "test" his/her ideas, prior to expensive prototype making. That is the idea, at least. With the current development in the field of computational power, price of computational unit is now much cheaper than price of engineering hours. Therefore, to me it represents a completely new field in personal engineering development. Different from the current "status quo". There are more and more available commercial simulations tools available on the market as well, yet the industry should adapt to support individuals that wants to develop in that field and recognize them as Specialists of some kind. Ensuring that the knowledge keeps developing in Private as well as in Public sector. All in effort for better and faster product development. 

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