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Found 1 result

  1. Sahitya Sinha


    Hey there its my first blog hope you guys will enjoy it. First of all what is suspension..?? Its a basic unit which connects a vehicle to its wheel and provides a relative motion between them. It can be springs, dampers, struts, shock absorbers etc. In this blog I am gonna talk about basics of suspension. The first question is why do we need suspension..?? The basic need of suspension is to satisfy three basic needs which I call the three C namely comfort, control, contact.(I have copied it) We need to be comfortable while driving. Suppose there are stones or pebbles or other things on the road that can cause serious bumping of your vehicles so this makes driving uncomfy. The second and most important thing is contact. While driving tires need to be in contact with the ground or it ​can be hell of a dangerous. The third and most important thing which comes with contact is the control. Now the basic suspension is a spring. Its very simple it just stores energy and releases and are very common with independent suspension. The springs which we use in suspension are either coil spring which we use in independent suspension. The second type of spring is the leaf spring which we can see in trucks. What spring does that it stores energy from the motion of the force pushing into it when compressed and releases when it expands. The drawback is that it will bounce back your car every time the energy releases. So it does not find much use accept in solid wheel axle. The second type which we are gonna discuss are the dampers. Dampers consist of a cylinder with piston fitted into it. Piston has small holes and the cylinder is filled with oil. It basically converts the kinetic energy of shock into other form of energy generally the heat energy. The good thing about dampers is that it reacts to velocity which means that if there is a smaller bump it will dampen less and when the jerk is very large it will dampen​ more. Moreover it shows reactions to turning, braking and accelerations also. Now the main and most used component that's struts. It is a combo of spring and a damper. You know what's the best thing about struts it doesn't only act as a suspension it also act as a basis structural component as it eliminates the need of upper control arm and ball joint(except for wishbone strut which has upper control arm). Now last but not the least the tire has also some spring and damping properties. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this. Next time I will explain MacPherson struts Cheers Image courtesy- www.google.com
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