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    Strength of Materials, Kinematics of Machinery, Dynamics of Machinery, Design of Machine Members & Polymer Reinforced Composite Materials
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  1. Good morning. I mainly use for data interpretation by plotting graphs. But would like to see its applications in depth for Machine Design and other related areas of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. I am Dr S Madhu. Completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering, ME in Machine Design and PhD in Polymer Composite Materials. Currently I am working in ANURAG GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, HYDERABAD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering as Professor. I use excel for data analysis and plotting the graphs. I am looking forward to gain in-depth knowledge in Excel so that I can apply the same for better data analysis. Yes. I can spare one hour every day. I am looking forward to exploit excel for faster calculations and visualization in the field of mechanical engineering problems.
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