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    This is the second edition of an engineering textbook first published by John Wiley & Sons in 1988. It is offered free to all who want a copy. Simply pass the PDF file along to anyone who can use it. You will be pleasantly surprised at the problems that you can work if you adopt the methods of this text. It does require some math and computer capability.
  2. That is a GenSet, and it is at least as much mechanical as it is electrical. Almost 50 years ago, I worked for a company that put together such packages, IC engines with any sort of driven machine. Generators were the most common, but we also powered pumps, air compressors, fans, whatever. It was a great place to work, with lot of very real, very serious, engineering challenges! DrD
  3. TDC is Top Dead Center BDC is Bottom Dead Center For an engine with no cylinder center line offset, the cylinder center line passes through the crank axis of rotation. When the piston is farthest away from the crank axis, this is the TDC condition. When then piston is closest to the crank axis, this is the BDC condition. The term "dead center" refers to the fact that pressure acting on the piston in a dead center position produces no torque on the crank and hence no ability to move a load. The term derives from the era of steam power when single cylinder engines were very common. DrD
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