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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Click on download button to download the file
  2. Download files Make sure to login on this site and join the club so that you can download files Example commands Commands 1. Limits : Set up approximate sixe 0,0 & 60,40 2 Z A (Z space A ) : Zoom ALL 3 Dynmode -3 to disable dynamic input mode 4 Draw the Frame Line 26,12 13,12 22,24 40.5, 24 41,22 26,12 20.6667,28 25,28 enter to finish 5 Draw more Line 45,12.5 42.87,14.53 39.38,28.5 35.3,0 enter 6 Circle 13,12 and radius 8 7 draw another circle center 45,12.5 & radius 8
  3. Getting ready to write programs Download code from the following link https://engineeringtalks.com/files/file/118-tutorial-code-2/
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    code of tutorial 2
  5. Sharing with you 34 Autocad tips... please do write in comment which one you like the most. Do login and join this club Download the pdf file for the following autocad tips ENTER, NEW PLAYER 1. Use Both Hands 2. ToolTips 3. Command Line 4. Grip Editing 5. Quick Measure 6. Selection Cycling 7. Multileader Styles 8. Page Setups UP YOUR GAME 9. Copy and Paste Options 10. Command Options 11. Keyboard Combos 12. Viewports 13. AutoCAD on any Computer 14. Blocks Palette 15. Favorite Places 16. Annotative Scaling 17. DWG Compare
  6. Happy Engineers' day let all of us together make this website a best place for engineers
  7. Please reply interested if you want to join the free course Make sure to sign in and join the club Please share the name of book and the IDE used in your college We recommend directly starting with c++ as it will automatically cover the basic concepts This course will be an exclusive courser for teaching programming, specially for those who have fear for programming. Please share your engineering branch and semester Note : Fundamentals of programming is essential for analysis , modelling and for instruction to your juniors even in non programming career Pleas
  8. How to upload your talk for submission
  9. How to upload your talk for submission
  10. How to upload your talk for submission
  11. How to upload your talk for submission
  12. How to upload your talk for submission
  13. How to upload your talk for submission
  14. How to upload your talk for submission
  15. How to upload your talk for submission
  16. How to upload your talk for submission
  17. How to upload your talk for submission
  18. Who can Present :Engineers, Engineering students, Engineering Professors (Engineering & related professionals such as Scientist etc.) Choose any topic which is related to your conference room Record your video presentation with mobile, camera etc Start by one minute introduction about you such as Name Location College / Company areas of interest / job designation/ department etc Year of Graduation Other relevant information Hello every one, I am Saurabh Jain from Jaipur India, Final year Mechanical Engineering stude
  19. Dear Engineers We are starting free course on Autocad If you want to join the course 1 Please sign up on this site 2 Join autocad club 3 Reply I am in to learn autocad
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Tutorial 4 Match & Lookup example
  21. Dear members, First three videos tutorials have been released This will give you the very basic about Excel.... Please visit Excel tutorials https://engineeringtalks.com/blogs/blog/49-excel-tutorials/ happy learning }
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Tutorial 3 - Cell referencing
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