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  1. Hello engineers, Today I am sharing with you all the story and achievements of an engineer in the music world. Rageshree Agarkar, an electronics engineer Check out the video
  2. Hello every one As a passionate engineer, which problem (of the world) you want to solve... Do write and explain in the most innovative way.... you can also mention the hurdle you facing or the milestone you have already achieved in solving the problem....
  3. So many change quality efforts fail because too much effort is put into the technical change while not enough effort is put into ensuring acceptance of the quality effort. Resistance is to be expected. Thus, the need for the quality effort must be established and a vision of what a Six Sigma organization looks like must occur. A key element of the change initiative is mobilizing commitment to the Six Sigma organization. This means identifying the sources of resistance to Six Sigma and planning a strategy to overcome that resistance is important. With the above opening thoughts, I welcome you all in six sigma blog.... We are here to begin the new journey. and I welcome you with your expert experience & questions
  4. If interest - please reply I am in to learn
  5. Comment points - what you learnt in this video •Using the ribbon, menus, dialog boxes, toolbars, and palettes •Working with dynamic input and the command line •Repeating, canceling, undoing, and redoing commands •Executing a command within another command •Using the help system
  6. Dynamic mode allow you to choose coordinates without writing in command line.... Actual course will start from tutorial 3... this is just a glimpse and we will cover every single basic step by step Still recommend make sure to watch the first two tutorials I disabled it 1 To show that we can disable it 2 to focus on command line....
  7. This tutorial will provide you the overview of Cad track and will demonstrate drawing basic shapes and commands which can be used in most drafting discipline We will start with setting up drawing, setting up layers, creating shapes, moving copy , mirroring Download file from
  8. Version 1.0.0


    AutoCad Tutorial 2 drawing : Base Plate
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Click on download button to download the file
  10. Download files Make sure to login on this site and join the club so that you can download files Example commands Commands 1. Limits : Set up approximate sixe 0,0 & 60,40 2 Z A (Z space A ) : Zoom ALL 3 Dynmode -3 to disable dynamic input mode 4 Draw the Frame Line 26,12 13,12 22,24 40.5, 24 41,22 26,12 20.6667,28 25,28 enter to finish 5 Draw more Line 45,12.5 42.87,14.53 39.38,28.5 35.3,0 enter 6 Circle 13,12 and radius 8 7 draw another circle center 45,12.5 & radius 8
  11. Getting ready to write programs Download code from the following link https://engineeringtalks.com/files/file/118-tutorial-code-2/
  12. 14 downloads

    code of tutorial 2
  13. Sharing with you 34 Autocad tips... please do write in comment which one you like the most. Do login and join this club Download the pdf file for the following autocad tips ENTER, NEW PLAYER 1. Use Both Hands 2. ToolTips 3. Command Line 4. Grip Editing 5. Quick Measure 6. Selection Cycling 7. Multileader Styles 8. Page Setups UP YOUR GAME 9. Copy and Paste Options 10. Command Options 11. Keyboard Combos 12. Viewports 13. AutoCAD on any Computer 14. Blocks Palette 15. Favorite Places 16. Annotative Scaling 17. DWG Compare TAKE YOUR SKILLS TO THE NEXT LEVEL 18. Express Tools 19. Tool Palettes 20. Layer Filters 21. Quick Select 22. Fields 23. AutoCAD Wherever You Go 24. Nonrectangular Viewports 25. Copy Nested Objects 26. Purge and Audit POWER UP! 27. Alias Editor 28. User Coordinate System 29. Named Views 30. Action Recorder 31. Design Center 32. Draft in AutoCAD across Desktop, Web, and Mobile 33. AutoCAD Specialized Toolsets 34. Make the Winning Moves Autocad-tips-power-user.pdf
  14. Happy Engineers' day let all of us together make this website a best place for engineers
  15. Please reply interested if you want to join the free course Make sure to sign in and join the club Please share the name of book and the IDE used in your college We recommend directly starting with c++ as it will automatically cover the basic concepts This course will be an exclusive courser for teaching programming, specially for those who have fear for programming. Please share your engineering branch and semester Note : Fundamentals of programming is essential for analysis , modelling and for instruction to your juniors even in non programming career Please share the information with all your engineering friends, This will help us to start the course very soon
  16. How to upload your talk for submission
  17. How to upload your talk for submission
  18. How to upload your talk for submission
  19. How to upload your talk for submission
  20. How to upload your talk for submission
  21. How to upload your talk for submission
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