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  1. Dear members, First three videos tutorials have been released This will give you the very basic about Excel.... Please visit Excel tutorials https://engineeringtalks.com/blogs/blog/49-excel-tutorials/ happy learning }
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Tutorial 3 - Cell referencing
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    Tutorial 1 Sales Projection.xlsx
  4. I thought, lets keep it parallel activity, in tutorials, we will start with very basics....to build the foundation...such as even moving within worksheets As we are waiting for new members to join - Lets begin with a Preliminary Exercise Question. 1. In my class, I give five homework assignments, each worth 25 points, and three exams, each worth 100 points. I currently compute a student’s final grade by giving 75 percent of the weight to exams and 25 percent to homework. Set up a spreadsheet to calculate the final grade for a student that allows you to change the weight given to exams. Give a try Do not post your the solutions... nor the the excel file... just share your experience...and your approach.
  5. I will like to hear about you all the use of Excel and what you want to use for after completing this course.. Look forward to hear your experiences .. This will certainly help me in choosing the appropriate examples
  6. hiiiiiiii i`m starting here a new game...here the person who is before you will write a word and you have to say anything but THAT WORD should come in ur sentence....and after that you have to write A WORD for the others............but be sure the word you are writing for others should be an Engineering term I start with word Gear
  7. This is word building game, but words to only related to engineering... First word: Mechanical Next word starting with L but related to Engineering ...
  8. Here is a new game, In this topic , every one will mark their attendance okkkkk ?????? every one will write when he or she was present.......The day when he will not sign in in forums , he need to come next day to mark his absence for the day. to make it interesting , include your place date and time like today May 31st 2016, I am present So get ready to attend class of Engineering skills !!! Hope you will enjoy the class I start here today May 31st 2016, Saurabh Jain : I am present
  9. here is a game....let me share how it works every Male Engineer that comes adds 2 to the previous number (last number) every Female Engineer that comes subtracts 2 to their previous number.(last number)... i start.... so here we start the number 100 Visit last page of this game to see the last reply from which u have to add or subtract Play this game as many times you want to play but wait for another member for ur second turn again. you cannot play it twice... If next member is male will write 102 and if the member is female engineer - she has to write 98
  10. We are introducing job section and are testing the same with engineering jobs in India. Every week we look to add another country in the section Please write your country in the comment below so we can take the same on priority. Look forward for your feedback and suggestions Regards Saurabh Jain
  11. hello friends, I am Saurabh Jain from Jaipur Rajasthan, I did my mechanical engineering graduation in 2006 and MBA (oil and gas management) in 2010. I have a eight years of industrial experience including production planning , Data analytics , Business intelligence . Energy filling, Enterprise Risk management. I love making excel macros, programming and learning R and other DA programming This website is started by me. Regards Saurabh Jain
  12. Wow! it's a Professional Panel Wiring heart emoticon .. Add your opinion in comment!
  13. In India, 15th sep is celebrated as Engineers' day...we can take this opportunity to wish every engineer a sucess in his career across the Globe. Happy Engineers day ! Regards Saurabh
  14. 250 downloads

    Chapter 1. - Introduction Chapter 2. - Analog Signal Conditioning Chapter 3. - Noise and Interference in Instrumentation Systems Chapter 4. - Electronic Sensors for Industrial Measurements Chapter 5. - Optical and Optoelectronic Sensors and Measurements Chapter 6. - Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation Chapter 7. - Data Acquisition and Conversion. Integration of Data Acquisition Systems.
  15. ​Then there will be one way learning, every oen has to come together to answer and then it will be collective learning
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