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  1. Most of the people thing I have no time for studying and read books, but we are in contact with social media is it. So most of the problem solve it by using Facebook, Twitter, Insta like that. ∆ For improvement of basic engineering knowledge - Subscribe those channels or people who related with study, knowledge, basic fundamentals of engineering. Whenever you surfing social media directly or indirectly any topic seems which is related with study go for it. Hardly 5 minutes to read and recoil the things that you have study in engineering. ∆ For better communication - Same thing you did with communication channels or blogs. Read only those blogs which has good image in market. Such as TOI, newspaper, interesting blogs, stories. Try to talk two or more new words in daily life. Start with adding English words during talk in Hindi. ∆ No's of communication - Avoid hard & complicated words Only read (try to implement & think in English) Avoid grammar (for beginner) ∆ Skills - Now talking about skills doesn't matter which field you have. Engineering, Medical, corporate office, Media they only need confidence, positive attitude, Hard/smart working, honour about works that's it. Along with technical support must for engineers like courses which regarding your job profile or which made future requirements.
  2. Nowadays Engineering is common thing but better engineer/skill engineer is make a difference if you have good skills, good communication and out of box thinking. Better Engineer must needed: ∆ Basic Engineering knowledge ∆ Good command on communication ∆ Skill must important ∆ Give time yourself / Trust
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