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  1. Tig manual feed rod, mig continues feed filler wire. Tig operates at higher temperature, mig comparatively low temp. Variety of materials with steel and heavy casting can be weld by tig, Sheet metal mild steel crca can be weld.
  2. Casting is done at melting temp. Forging is done at crystalline temp. Casting grain structure remains same. Forging grain structure is improved.
  3. Coz the discharge pipe is inovlute structure of centre circle in which fan is mounted
  4. In order to tackle bottom pressure through expansion from bottom to top to resist soil erosion.
  5. CC stands for cubic capacity...actually it is the capacity to piston displacement from tdc to bdc. Which means higher cc will give higher power output and torque but speed is independent of cc it is related to gears ratio....
  6. Simply while producing some product the check over defect to ensure quality Is called quality control. Were as in service of product its quality which assures its reliability to work properly is called quality assurance
  7. Brazing is used were strength is required lower than welding but better than soldering. It is done at higher temperature and uses more amount of filler material as compare to soldering, in brazing variety of fillers can be used. Soldering is just to hold the two together and typically used in electrical components.
  8. It is a mechanical comparator which uses gear ratio to increase the speed at lower rpm so that vehicle can cruise at decent speed at low engine rpm and low noise and vibration.
  9. Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines coz they have higher compression ratio which heats the inlet air and obtain higher efficiency from air fuel mixture to same quantity of air fuel mixture in petrol engine.
  10. Sound depends on engine tunning, how much of torque and speed is obtained varies sound over it the exhaust nozzle also plays great role. As per my knowledge
  11. Coz they have to operate in muddy trains and bring them back will need extension which has to be taken care as its engine is front mounted
  12. In short its second stage for spark igniting to increase efficiency and asure proper and timed spark
  13. Regulate the flow of coolant to maintain the required temperature through monitoring of temperature with some device and enhancing or decreasing the circulation
  14. It diverts the pressure which helps in absorbing it and no grain side is exposed
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