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  1. My name is Sola Samuel, graduate of Mechanical Engineering (HND) from Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. I am presently a final year student of Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science) at Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria. I have more than six years experience working as an Engineer with an international organisation. 

    Fortunately, I currently enrolled for an Excel for Business specialization which comprises of 4 courses:

    Excel for Business Essential

    Excel for Business : Intermediate I

    Excel for Business Intermediate II

    Excel for Business : Advanced

    I am about to complete the first part. This platform will be a great one for me to learn more and at the same time contribute to help others. 

    I hope to use excel to simulate and  analyse various engineering systems and business problems. 

    Nice meeting you fellow engineers!

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