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    Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India

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    I have a great propensity towards the aircraft engines plus I am more interested in areas such as design and manufacturing of materials.
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  1. This video is phenomenal. A big CHEERS for Engineers. HURRAY !!!
  2. Hello Pete, the problem that you are facing is the one I have been into as well. And the solution to that is "Signing In" to your account here on this website and then enjoy the resources which are provided here in. Don't let your negative vibes stopping you from learning anything you aspire. ENJOY! Regards Manpreet Singh
  3. Gears are the fundamental elements which is not seen extrinsically but solves a great deal of problems as well as guiding mechanisms. The next word is SHAFT. Hello buddy engineers "GIve it a go" for yourself. Bingo!
  4. L manifests the Lame's Equation, the perfect fit for mechanical core for sure.
  5. Good afternoon Saurabh, I would like to know the scheduled commencement of the course.
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