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  1. GPS stands for "Global Positioning System", and is a system for geographical tracking and positioning. Using 72 satellites, in 24 constellations, the system works by measuring distance between the target device (eg. a smartphone) and three or more of the satellites. This data can then be processed to work out the target device's location with an accuracy of about 15 metres (or four metres with Differential-GPS). Today, the GPS is used in the military, for tracking and SAR and similar areas. The civilian use of the satellite system is also common, mainly in the field of navigation (through satellite navigators), and for meteorological purposes. Fun fact: Because of the CoCOM (Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls) regulations and COCOM limits, most GPS units will automatically shut down if travelling at more than 2 400 km/h, or above 20 000 metres in height. The reason for this behaviour is that a unit meeting those conditions will assume itself attached to a high-altitude missile, a military purposed weapon. Some brands produce models for meteorological purposes without this COCOM limit.
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