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  1. Hi guys (& gals), Does anyone else find this website confusing to navigate? Trying to find what you want is definitely not straightforward. For instance, there's a poll on what people use Excel for, and after 10 minutes trying to find the poll to vote, I've finally given up. I can see the question posted regarding the poll, but just can't see anywhere to cast my vote. I posted what I thought was an interesting problem for the guys here to look at and comment, but haven't had a single comment. I'll give this website another month and if things don't improve, I'll be leaving (sorry admin). Pete
  2. Not quite sure what this question has to do with conceptual machine design. I assume it's just been placed in the wrong category.
  3. So just a little background......I'm the applications engineer for a British automation company and my job is to come up with concept designs of automated assembly and processing machines. Just for fun, here's a typical problem I get on a daily basis. I'll describe the problem then you can offer your suggestions, then I'll show you my solution: The components are basically a 20mm dia tube x 400mm long with a "lump" in the middle (50mm dia x 100 long) that requires curing. The parts need to be cured in an oven at 200°C for 8 hours. The tricky bit is that they have to be rotated (approx 15 rpm) throughout the oven. The oven needs to be a conveyor type. The part needs rotating because the "lump" will sag until fully cured. Throughput is 1 component every 4 minutes. Loading and unloading will be performed by two six-axis robots (one at each end). And......GO!
  4. I’m a mechanical engineer specialising in automated assembly and special purpose machines. If anyone needs advice, just let me know and I’ll try my best to help.
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