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Consultant Required with Expertise in Electron/Vacuum Tube Technology - Work can be carried out remotely

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Hi Everyone,

                        We are on the lookout for experts who have knwoledge in Vacuum Tube/Electron Tube technology. I have a client based in Australia who is seeking the following: 

The client intends to sponsor one project every 4-6 weeks and will offer good compensation with an additional bonus upon successful capital raising.
The projects will all be around high voltage circuits using 'tubes' such as tetrodes, pulse forming networks, thyratrons, and klystrons. Other projects will include analog heterodyne detection and mixing.
For those whose background is PCB design using solid-state transistors, this is not a suitable match.
The client's working style is to be hands-on and the expectation is to translate existing circuit topologies into hand-holding guidance. 
The client is capable of respecting, honoring, and rewarding people that can zoom in past theory and focus on delivery.
An example first project could be:
1. Advise the client how to connect a beam power tetrode and operate it. You'd advise which transformers, capacitors, etc are required. After acquiring these, a series of video conferences to guide the client connecting the pieces together. 
The GU series of pentodes will be used.
This work can be carried out remotely/online and we will organize teleconference sessions to discuss requirements. If you are interested, please e-mail me on mehta.sajil@gmail.com or feel free to refer me to someone who may have this knowledge. 
Thank you in advance. 
Kind Regards,
                            Sajil Mehta 
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