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  4. Hello everyone, Imagine we need to desing a heat exchanger and a compresor? Which one is the best to use first, compresor or heat exchanger? Can you please explain why?
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  6. Adding to _Moses_bm, clutches can be engaged and disengaged by operating to your need.
  7. In IC engines, a lot of heat generates in the process of combustion that needs to be rejected to its surrounding. Unless that, temperature of engine body will go on increase, in result it may develop thermal stresses or may cross melting point of used metal. Engine alone can't reject much heat to the surrounding through process of conviction due to limited surface area,as the more heat rejecting surface area, the more heat rejected through process of conviction. To increase the heat rejection, cooling water system is incorporated
  8. Clutch are used for temporary connection between driver and driven shaft, while couples are used for permanent connection..
  9. The damper absorbs the vibration and reduces the intensity, while an isolator holds the vibration, but seperating the two surfaces..
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  11. That's a good one
  12. To blow through the carbon deposite and harmful or unwanted gases or any form of condensations in the furnace with a large air volume depending on the manufacturer instruction before firing (introducing of fuel) . Purging is required for safety purposes to prevent bulging or explosion in the furnace and also to create a clean atmosphere for combustion to take place in the furnace by heating up the water tube to generate steam.
  13. To blow through carbon formation, condensation and harmful gases formed in the furnace for safety purposes to prevent uptake fire
  14. Standard washers have two main purposes: To distribute the pressure of the nut evenly over the surface, so that the surface isn't damaged, and. To ensure that the nut is pressed against a smooth surface, reducing the chance that it'll gradually loosen because it's in contact with an uneven surface. It is also use to seal the area to avoid leakage in higher pressure system which maybe liquid or air.
  15. The operator has to apply some external force to apply the brakes.This is essential for us.
  16. To expelled out foul gases or in case of miss firing, which leads to back fire which leads to a catastrophic damage which happens on merchant vessel
  17. FEA means To understand the geometric behaviour of any object by creating virtual environment al in computers applying Material and loading conditions and constraints to understand from where the object may fail and do the required changes before realization Use below four simple steps 1) prepare a 3D model 2) Apply material 3) create meshing (elements) 4) Apply loading and boundary conditions 5) Run the result Rerun the above study till your desired output is not satisfied By this way one can save time and money invested in prototype USE SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION
  18. Cylinders/Cylindrical shapes are best for gas containments because in a cylinder, there's an even and better pressure distribution because there are no Sharp corners or edges which leads to high stress concentration as a result of high forces. Thus the weak and break points on other shape containments are no found in cylinders.
  19. Most of the people thing I have no time for studying and read books, but we are in contact with social media is it. So most of the problem solve it by using Facebook, Twitter, Insta like that. ∆ For improvement of basic engineering knowledge - Subscribe those channels or people who related with study, knowledge, basic fundamentals of engineering. Whenever you surfing social media directly or indirectly any topic seems which is related with study go for it. Hardly 5 minutes to read and recoil the things that you have study in engineering. ∆ For better communication - Same thing you did with communication channels or blogs. Read only those blogs which has good image in market. Such as TOI, newspaper, interesting blogs, stories. Try to talk two or more new words in daily life. Start with adding English words during talk in Hindi. ∆ No's of communication - Avoid hard & complicated words Only read (try to implement & think in English) Avoid grammar (for beginner) ∆ Skills - Now talking about skills doesn't matter which field you have. Engineering, Medical, corporate office, Media they only need confidence, positive attitude, Hard/smart working, honour about works that's it. Along with technical support must for engineers like courses which regarding your job profile or which made future requirements.
  20. 1 tonne of refrigeration is the rate of heat removal required to freeze a metric ton (1000 kg) of water at 0°C in 24 hours. Based on the heat of fusion being 333.55 kJ/kg, 1 tonne of refrigeration = 13,898 kJ/h = 3.861 kW.
  21. Rate of heat removal required to convert 1 Tonne of water at 0°C to 1 Tonne of ice at 0°C in 24 hour is known as 1 Tonne refrigeration.
  22. Some of these seem obvious. Perhaps you can elaborate the following: - How does one improve basic engineering knowledge? - How does one get better at communication? What are some 'No"s of communication? - What skills? Which skills should be prioritized? Which skills will yield the best results? How does one master these skills?
  23. Most engineers lack communication and people skills. Approaching a purchasing manager with graphs and torque specs may work, but more often than not, you will have to soften him up with a few preambles first. Practice small talk - it will be awkward and challenging at first, but get to know your colleagues, ask about their pets or kids, follow up on their kids' softball games later next week. The 4Ps of Change Management are very important to master. You will be surprised how much momentum you will gain once you've honed your ability to hold a conversation and get people to open up.
  24. Refrigeration effect produced by one tonne of ice cube is known as 1TR....
  25. The measure of un-compress-ability of a material
  26. Nowadays Engineering is common thing but better engineer/skill engineer is make a difference if you have good skills, good communication and out of box thinking. Better Engineer must needed: ∆ Basic Engineering knowledge ∆ Good command on communication ∆ Skill must important ∆ Give time yourself / Trust
  27. Some of the important properties to lookout for in the material for sliding contact bearings are as follows: > Compressive Strength > Fatigue Strength > Comfortability > Embeddability > Bondability > Thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance
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