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  4. How reliable is the center of gravity calculation in Autocad for a solid 3d model with command MASSPROP
  5. You’re all right, but there are multi fuel outboard engines (based on petrol engine design) used in defence running on various fuels, kerosene, jet fuel or diesel (low compression ratio with spark plug support). Downside is that the engines are not compliant to enviro regulations, due to incomplete combustion (engines are “Smokey”). See Mercury Racing Optimax JP and Evinrude E-TEC.
  6. Compression Ratios are also very different, Diesel run with compression ratios from 17~21 to 1 where gasoline engines can only run at compression Ratios of 8~11 to 1. Gasoline will detonate at much lower compression than what is needed for diesel to reach self ignition point. A real diesel engine will be more efficient overall since it will have the ability to operate at higher compression ratios. If a petrol engine were to have the same compression ratio, then knocking (self-ignition) would occur and this would severely reduce the efficiency, whereas in a diesel engine, the self ignition i
  7. So many change quality efforts fail because too much effort is put into the technical change while not enough effort is put into ensuring acceptance of the quality effort. Resistance is to be expected. Thus, the need for the quality effort must be established and a vision of what a Six Sigma organization looks like must occur. A key element of the change initiative is mobilizing commitment to the Six Sigma organization. This means identifying the sources of resistance to Six Sigma and planning a strategy to overcome that resistance is important. With the above opening thoughts, I w
  8. FREE Power Generation using Human Weight on Tirumala Hills How much Power can be Generated on Tirumala Hills using Human Weight - 1,00,000 nos pilgrims visiting daily, DRIVER LESS CAR.pdf
  9. FREE Power Generation using Human Weight on Tirumala Hills How much Power can be Generated on Tirumala Hills using Human Weight - 1,00,000 nos pilgrims visiting daily,
  10. If interest - please reply I am in to learn
  11. Comment points - what you learnt in this video •Using the ribbon, menus, dialog boxes, toolbars, and palettes •Working with dynamic input and the command line •Repeating, canceling, undoing, and redoing commands •Executing a command within another command •Using the help system
  12. Dynamic mode allow you to choose coordinates without writing in command line.... Actual course will start from tutorial 3... this is just a glimpse and we will cover every single basic step by step Still recommend make sure to watch the first two tutorials I disabled it 1 To show that we can disable it 2 to focus on command line....
  13. You used 'Dynamode -3' to disable dynamic input mode. What is dynamic input and why are you disabling it? Thank you.
  14. we cannot use petrol in diesel engines or vice versa because diesel and petrol has different characteristics (flashpoint) every engine has unique design depends on its fuel to be use. petrol and diesel engine has different engine stroke cycle specially during intake and ignition stroke Diesel intake stroke: enters hot air ignition during power stroke: sprays pressurised diesel fuel on the combustion chamber by means of injection nozzle gasoline/petrol intake stroke: enters air and fuel mixtures by means of carburator ignition during power stroke: ignites b
  15. This tutorial will provide you the overview of Cad track and will demonstrate drawing basic shapes and commands which can be used in most drafting discipline We will start with setting up drawing, setting up layers, creating shapes, moving copy , mirroring Download file from
  16. Version 1.0.0


    AutoCad Tutorial 2 drawing : Base Plate
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