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Collaborate together to discuss technological innovations , production practices in oil & gas industry. Club for engineers associated with oil and gas industry


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  2. I have total experience of 7.4 years in industrial automation; In this it involves factory automation as well as Process automation. I have made the programming as well as commissioning of these all products of industrial automation PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI, SERVO, DRIVES of different brand. I have also used the Filed instruments like PT, DPT, TT, LEVEL Transmitter, MASS flow meter, TOTAL Flow meter, and Magnetic Flow Meter, According to customers requirement I have made graphics as well as programming in Controller if need new installation of New Remote Terminal Unit .I have also worked on diffe
  3. Buen día a todos, reciban un cordial saludo desde la ciudad de Villahermosa, Tabasco México.

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