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  1. What's new in this club
  2. By sending videos to the group
  3. How is this post related..... we all have problems and we all have to improve I will remove this topic soon.... being a senior engineer , I request you to take the lead
  4. Welcome.... This is a club for AutoCAD, we can surely have another club for OS....
  5. Greetings Originally a Microstation user; since I was an Army civilian engineer, now retired but doing cad work with Onshape (os). Os is cloud based and updated quite often. I enjoy working Os because of the ease in defining planes, anywhere with no effort (microstation was very difficult in that area. I know autocad has kept up with the times, is very powerful but I cannot provide any insight for you. Just wanted to say something about Os, thanks. Mela
  6. I request all AutoCad Experts - please share your views how can we make a systematic approach... here in this club.. whoever joins can master at the leats the basic and then advanced AutoCad skills

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