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We are forming a community to enhance our spreadsheet skills In next couple of months, I'll be sharing tutorials and exercises in this club so whether f you want to learn from beginning or the advanced concepts.... join the club

We are starting soon...

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    I learned one or two things. Thanks so much.
  2. I learnt something new in tutorial 1. How to get the total value.. I use to do it this way Eg. =Sum(B3:B15) Which also works Thank you very much.
  3. Dear members, First three videos tutorials have been released This will give you the very basic about Excel.... Please visit Excel tutorials https://engineeringtalks.com/blogs/blog/49-excel-tutorials/ happy learning }
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Tutorial 3 - Cell referencing
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    Tutorial 1 Sales Projection.xlsx
  6. I use excel in monitoring and forecasting when resources will finish and how much will be needed to sustain machines availability every month. i also use excel for inventory purposes and maintenance planning
  7. Good morning. I mainly use for data interpretation by plotting graphs. But would like to see its applications in depth for Machine Design and other related areas of Mechanical Engineering.
  8. There is no Preliminary Exercise 1 in Microsoft Excel for Engineers with the link provided.
  9. I am a Engineering Professor (Mechanical and Civil) and use Excel to improve my classes - I'm interested in creating calculus sheet for Resistence of Materials and Hydraulics & Pneumatics cases.
  10. Used the columns to enter the scores achieved. Then denoted a specific position for the weighted percentage. This was then multiplied by the students totals.
  11. Expect to start within five days.... We are waiting for more participants.. to give it a pace....
  12. Good afternoon Saurabh, I would like to know the scheduled commencement of the course.
  13. I am a retired mechanical engineer. I use excel to calculate returns from my investments and manage them.
  14. A simple excel sheet with columns showing points earned and their weight will give the final grade.
  15. I thought, lets keep it parallel activity, in tutorials, we will start with very basics....to build the foundation...such as even moving within worksheets As we are waiting for new members to join - Lets begin with a Preliminary Exercise Question. 1. In my class, I give five homework assignments, each worth 25 points, and three exams, each worth 100 points. I currently compute a student’s final grade by giving 75 percent of the weight to exams and 25 percent to homework. Set up a spreadsheet to calculate the final grade for a student that allows you to change the weight given to exams. Give a try Do not post your the solutions... nor the the excel file... just share your experience...and your approach.
  16. I am a mechanical engineering student and I would like my general excel skills
  17. I am currently creating something that can help with maintenance of machines. it will monitor how long the parts would take to manufacture, how much material would be used and how long the machines have been ran.
  18. I am using excel for material reconciliation, item wise billing and for project scheduling.
  19. I am Dr S Madhu. Completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering, ME in Machine Design and PhD in Polymer Composite Materials. Currently I am working in ANURAG GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, HYDERABAD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering as Professor. I use excel for data analysis and plotting the graphs. I am looking forward to gain in-depth knowledge in Excel so that I can apply the same for better data analysis. Yes. I can spare one hour every day. I am looking forward to exploit excel for faster calculations and visualization in the field of mechanical engineering problems.
  20. I will like to hear about you all the use of Excel and what you want to use for after completing this course.. Look forward to hear your experiences .. This will certainly help me in choosing the appropriate examples
  21. Excel is a very powerful tool that is very handy. I hope i will learn new ways to use it.
  22. I'm Muhammad Alamin Aladodo, a Mechanical Engineering Masters student of University of Ilorin.
  23. Our Faculty @Saurabh Jain will be taking this course... He will be introducing about him and his vast experience in Excel Before that we will like to know about you, your introduction and your expectations . This course is more for Engineers in Industry with two to three years experience, though students can also be part of.... To write your introductions, please visit the link https://engineeringtalks.com/forums/forum/289-introduction-zone/ Special Request Do not miss any single class - sequence will be important Pl share about this course among all your friends .. We expect at least 1000 members who are sincerity interested and understand the importance of this course

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