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Six Sigma is a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating defects in a product, process or service.


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Join the club to discuss 6 sigma basics  and for implementation help 



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  2. Six-sigma is the appliance of the "Laws of Physics" to the "problem" of Engineering (of ALL disciplines) to obtain advantage. EVERYTHING follows a standard distribution...by accepting that, and applying statistical tools to utilise the standard deviation (or sigma), the processes can be "manipulated" such that the likelihood of failure becomes infinitesimally small (along with the costs of any failure), and thus the quality of the highest possible standard. Taking this to the sixth-level of sigma means a defect-free run of 99.99966% success in each individual opportunity or step.
  3. There are many techniques has been developed for project management primaveera also a tool, we can choose, quality at every stage is not a question because it consumes time and delay in execute the project. So epsilon symbol six sigma is a tool to deliver the product in shortest given time
  4. Define Six Sigma in couple of lines You can even explain with example No limit open discussion invites To contribute 1 You need to login 2 You need to join the club
  5. Hey all members, Nice to be here. Thank you for creating the club. If I could, please have a look at our webpage, let me know what you think of our software. I think it falls in line with the ethos of the club. Thank you. Matthew ParaMatic Brochure 2021 RevA.pdf
  6. So many change quality efforts fail because too much effort is put into the technical change while not enough effort is put into ensuring acceptance of the quality effort. Resistance is to be expected. Thus, the need for the quality effort must be established and a vision of what a Six Sigma organization looks like must occur. A key element of the change initiative is mobilizing commitment to the Six Sigma organization. This means identifying the sources of resistance to Six Sigma and planning a strategy to overcome that resistance is important. With the above opening thoughts, I welcome you all in six sigma blog.... We are here to begin the new journey. and I welcome you with your expert experience & questions

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