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What are the various types of numbers for network identity?



What are the various types of numbers for network identity?

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1. MSISDN ( Mobile station ISDN) Number : It is international mobile subscriber number which is normally called mobile number. It is unique worldwide.
2. MSRN ( Mobile Subscriber Routing Number) : MSRN is used during mobile terminate trunk call to provide location of mobile subscriber.
3. HON ( Hand Over Number ) : HON is used for providing information required to transfer call from one B?SC to another BSC or to another MSC.
4. ISMI ( International Mobile Subscriber Identity Number) : Purpose of ISMI is for location update and authentication.
5. TMSI ( Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity ) : TMSI is used instead of IMSI to improve security efficiency of network.
6. IMEI : International Mobile Equipment Identity


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