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Engineering Talks

Tutorial 1 : Course on Autocad

Saurabh Jain




Download files

Make sure to login on this site and join the club so that you can download files 


Example commands

1. Limits : Set up approximate sixe
0,0 & 60,40

2  Z A    (Z space A ) : Zoom ALL

3 Dynmode  -3  to disable dynamic input mode

4 Draw the Frame
26,12  13,12  22,24  40.5, 24   41,22  26,12   20.6667,28   25,28  enter to finish

5 Draw more
45,12.5   42.87,14.53  39.38,28.5  35.3,0  enter

6 Circle 
13,12   and radius 8

7 draw another circle
center 45,12.5  & radius 8




Recommended Comments

On 10/12/2020 at 2:07 PM, Chinedu Onah said:

You used 'Dynamode -3'  to disable dynamic input mode. What is dynamic input and why are you disabling it?

Thank you.


Dynamic mode allow you to choose coordinates without writing in command line....

Actual course will start from tutorial 3... this is just a glimpse and we will cover every single basic step by step 

Still recommend make sure to watch the first two tutorials 


I disabled it 

1 To show that we can disable it

2 to focus on command line....

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