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Automobile Engineering questions - Must read to know answers



Question 1. What is Terminal Engine Meltdown?

Answer 1. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11662-what-is-terminal-engine-meltdown/



Question 2. What is Engine Life Factor (ELF)? How can it be calculated?

Answer 2. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11663-what-is-engine-life-factor-elf-how-can-it-be-calculated/

Question 3. What is coefficient of drag? How can it be known? What is its significance and what is its unit?

Answer 3 https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11664-what-is-coefficient-of-drag-how-can-it-be-known-what-is-its-significance-and-what-is-its-unit/

Question 4. A Tachometer consists of a red zone at high rpm markings. What happens actually after that limit?

Answer 4. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11665-a-tachometer-consists-of-a-red-zone-at-high-rpm-markings-what-happens-actually-after-that-limit/

Question 5 What is ‘Torque Steer’ and what are its disadvantages?

Answer 5. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11666-what-is-torque-steer-and-what-are-its-disadvantages/

Question 6. How does a Variable Power Assisted Steering System work?

Answer 6. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11667-how-does-a-variable-power-assisted-steering-system-work/

Question 7. How many Power Steering Systems are used presently? Which is better in all aspects, such as performance, reliability, economy, etc.? How do they work? Which types corrupt the vital engine horses more and Why?

Answer 7. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11668-how-many-power-steering-systems-are-used-presently-which-is-better-in-all-aspects-such-as-performance-reliability-economy-etc-how-do-they-work/

Question 8. What is a ‘Common Rail’ Diesel Engine? How does it work?

Answer 8. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11669-what-is-a-common-rail-diesel-engine-how-does-it-work/

Question 9. Why do Diesel Engines feel more sluggish with the AC ‘on’ than their petrol cousins?

Answer 9. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11670-why-do-diesel-engines-feel-more-sluggish-with-the-ac-on-than-their-petrol-cousins/

Question 10. What is the difference between an Alternator and a Dynamo as far as working, efficiency and performance is considered? Which is better and why?

Answer 10. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11671-what-is-the-difference-between-an-alternator-and-a-dynamo-as-far-as-working-efficiency-and-performance-is-considered-which-is-better-and-why/

Question 11. What makes a ‘Distributor-less’ Ignition System better than the conventional ones and how does it work?

Answer 11. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11672-what-makes-a-distributor-less-ignition-system-better-than-the-conventional-ones-and-how-does-it-work/

Question 12. Why Automatic Transmissions are more thirsty for fuel than their Manual


Answer 12. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11673-why-automatic-transmissions-are-more-thirsty-for-fuel-than-their-manual-counterparts/

Question 13. What are Gear Ratios?

Answer 13. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11674-what-are-gear-ratios/

Question 14. Which has a longer life span – a two stroke or a four-stroke engine? Why?

Answer 14. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11676-which-has-a-longer-life-span-a-two-stroke-or-a-four-stroke-engine-why/

Question 15. Why the four stroke engines do not require 2T oil unlike the two stroke engines?

Answer 15. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11677-why-the-four-stroke-engines-do-not-require-2t-oil-unlike-the-two-stroke-engines/

Question 16. Why ‘Multivalve’ Engines are more fuel-efficient than ‘Two-Valves/Cyl’ ones?

Answer 16. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11678-why-multivalve-engines-are-more-fuel-efficient-than-two-valvescyl-ones/

Question 17. Why are four cylinder engines more stable, refined and smooth in operation compared to three-cylinder ones?

Answer 17. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11679-why-are-four-cylinder-engines-more-stable-refined-and-smooth-in-operation-compared-to-three-cylinder-ones/

Question 18. What is PS? What is its relation with BHP?

Answer 18. https://mechanical-engg.com/topic/11680-what-is-ps-what-is-its-relation-with-bhp/

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